Friday, April 4, 2014

Pregnancy - How Do You Encourage a Certain Gender, Boy Or Girl? sir! It's a healthy baby boy! These are typical words that are often relayed to exhilarated fathers outside the delivery room. It is especially true during those times when the ultrasound technology wasn't discovered yet and the baby's gender comes as a big surprise. Even then, any opportunity to increase the likelihood of a particular gender for the baby has been an ancient practice.

Planning for a baby is one of the most thrilling stages in the life of married couples. Each parent would express their wishes for a baby boy or girl. This is the reason why various methods to gender selection have been devised and experimented on. Sex selection works under the assumption that each parent contributes half of the baby's hereditary makeup. Females have their XX chromosomes so she contributes an X while males have XY chromosomes that they can contribute either an X or a Y.

In this sense, it is the sperm that becomes the real determinant of the baby's gender. The trick then is to make sure that the sperm carrying an X should successfully penetrate the egg cell if a baby girl is preferred. Conversely, a Y chromosome sperm should be the victor if a boy is to be conceived.