Friday, April 4, 2014

Fast Track Your Success of Having a Baby Boy Or Girl - Get the Gender You Want! you want to have a baby boy or girl? There are measures you can take to better your chances of giving birth to either sex.

Blue for boys or pink for girls
If you have your heart set on bringing a little prince into this world you need to know a few things. First the female reproductive eggs always carry the X chromosome and the male sperm can carry either X or Y. This means the male determines the sex of the baby and if the sperm that carries the Y chromosome crosses the line first you will be blessed with a baby boy. Even though the Y sperm is quicker it is not as strong or resilient as the female X sperm so often dies before it reaches its destination. So what are the ways can help in determining the gender of your baby?

Timing is important
Ovulation predictor kits are almost essential if you want a baby boy as having sex with your partner at the precise time of ovulation will bring you closer to that goal. Two days before and 12 hours after ovulation are the time zones you can work with. In comparison having sex up to 3 days before ovulation will probably give you a baby girl, as the sperm that carries this X chromosome will be all that is left to reach the egg for fertilization.

Helpful positions
In trying for a boy you want the sperm to get to the egg as quickly as possible so the deeper the penetration the better. The rear end position is recommended for the female where she kneels on all fours. This gives the Y sperm a shorter distance to travel optimising the chances for a boy. If you have an abundance of pink baby clothes and are hoping for a little princess the way to achieve this is by using the missionary position. Also it is recommended when trying for a girl that the female does not orgasm as it creates a more alkaline environment which will favour a boy. A more acidic environment, which is closer to the entrance of the vagina, will bring baby girls, as this environment tends to kill the Y sperm off very fast stopping them fertilizing the egg.