Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pregnancy - Exercise And Its Benefits! the years research has shifted drastically regarding whether or not women should exercise during pregnancy. A few decades ago it was thought that only very moderate exercise should occur during pregnancy; women were often though to be in a very "delicate" state and the less exertion the better. In recent years, however, many studies have been conducted to determine what is best for mom and baby. Studies have shown that regular physical exercise is very good for both mother and baby's health while pregnant.

The National Institute of Child Health funded a recent, large scale study to determine the effects of exercise during pregnancy on health for both mother and fetus. The results were overwhelming; regular physical exercise, both before conception and during pregnancy, has great health benefits for both mother and child.

It was found that the risk for gestational diabetes was reduced by 81% in women who exercised regularly during pregnancy compared with women who reported minimal exertion. Those who reported minimal exertion were 59% less likely to develop it than women who reported little or no exertion throughout their pregnancy.

Another health risk common to pregnant women is high blood pressure, or preeclampsia. There have been startling results that women with elevated regular exertion greatly lessened their chances of developing this disorder. Based on the research it was found that women who did just moderate exercise every day, such as walking or stair climbing previous to conception and for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, greatly lessened their chances of high blood pressure.