Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Conceive a Baby Boy - Planning Your Pregnancy indeed find excitement in having babies but along with the excitement is the wish that they can choose to conceive a baby boy or the other way around. Although most parents would just accept whatever fate has given them, many parents who are planning their family also wish they can choose the gender of the baby.

Indeed, planning a family often goes beyond the number of children but also the sex of the children, thus many couples are very interested on how to have a higher chance of getting a boy or getting a girl on the next pregnancy.

There may be some tales about eating specific kinds of food to be able to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl or some old tales about making love during full moon. But then again, the selecting the sex of your baby before conception has nothing to do with what you eat or with the phases of the moon.

If you take a look at the process of fertilization where the sperm meets the woman's egg as a part of procreation, the sex of your baby is determined by the sperm cells that can successfully fertilize the egg - whether these sperms contain the genes that can result to a baby boy or a baby girl. However, as there are millions of sperms released in the process, the sex of the baby is often hard to tell before the pregnancy, although in these times, there have been techniques to help you choose and plan intercourse to get your desired results as to the sex of the baby.

In this age of high technology, the ability to select the sex of your baby even before you get pregnant can be possible. Some techniques may offer a hundred percent accuracy while others may only increase your chances of sex selection. Some advance techniques include sorting of the sperms to be able to get the desired result. In this modern technique, sperms that carry the sex you preferred are being selected for fertilization which gives you a higher chance of being able to select the sex of your baby. Sometimes this technique is also done together with in vitro fertilization for more accuracy.