Friday, January 17, 2014

Bye Bye Pregnancy Back Pain in 15 Minutes

Busy while waiting for an overdue baby #3.
I was pregnant and having discomfort going from sitting to standing. I had to support myself and scoot to the edge of the seat to get up especially from low things like the couch. Yep, I was pregnant. I had to do a little waddle just to go from sitting to standing. Some people would say that this is just part of being pregnant. I say, I am too busy to deal with pregnancy crap like this! I learned a trick that made the discomfort go away in 15 minutes.

My third pregnancy was really rough on my body. I was non-stop carrying a toddler everywhere. Our toilets are in the basement and on the second floor so I was always carrying a kid up or down a set of stairs. I had to bend all sorts of ways to snap two kids into carseats. I was walking or doing yoga almost daily to keep myself limber so my body could adapt to the changes that were happening. 

Then it happened. I started having to stand up like a pregnant lady! Not me! I had to do the wiggle to the edge of the seat, brace myself on something and do a side-slide to get up. It was uncomfortable. This was extremely annoying and I am not one to get annoyed so I took action.

For the first time during a pregnancy, I went to a chiropractor. I went to a doctor who I knew and was pregnant with her second baby so I knew that she would understand. The moment that I laid down, the chiropractor pointed out that my hips were 2 inches out of alignment! It caused one leg to physically be 2 inches longer than the other. Of course I was having issues standing up.  Since I was pregnant and she couldn't just pop me back into place, she used a special massaging tool that massaged the bones and joints back to where they belonged. Instantly I felt normal (not pregnant). I went home and could sit and stand perfectly without support or scooting to the edge of the seat.

That's how I got sold on chiropractors and ditched my pregnancy pain!