Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Selecting the Right Childbirth Classes for You

Though only about 25% of women take birth education classes during their pregnancy, their value is not measurable. The class gave birth to teach parents what to expect, and how to overcome the trials and hardships of pregnancy, labor, and birth. These classes are very good to quell fears and help parents to collect opinions regarding the kind of birth they want to have experience.

Just as it is important to find the right care provider during pregnancy, it is also important to find a childbirth education class that corresponds with one's personal point of view about the birth.

Class A Hospital

The hospital often class taught by a certified childbirth educator by Lamaze, Bradley, or Birthing From Within. However, this does not mean the certification requirements and some hospitals chose not to hire a labor and delivery nurse that may or may not have specific training in natural childbirth. These classes are inexpensive and short, and much better than not taking anything. However, some couples walked away feeling that these classes are not properly preparing them for the big day.


Lamaze class was the most widely known type of classroom delivery. Lamaze focuses on calming, relaxing and breathing purposes. This is the inspiration for many of the educational programs of the newer breeds available for parents.


The class was designed by Bradley obstetrician William Bradley. They strongly emphasized the use of a person's romantic partner as a coach. They also focus on nutrition and natural, normal births un-drugs. These classes have traditionally taught by the husband and wife team, both of whom have become certified before teaching the class. Partners are also encouraged to read Dr. Bradley's book "husband got training in childbirth."


Kilroy teaches women techniques of self-hypnosis to endure the pain and discomfort of labor and childbirth. Class Kilroy, Kilroy certified doula, and are growing in popularity. Kilroy is best suited for women who are looking for a quiet, meditative, and drug-free shipping.

Childbirth From The Inside

Childbirth from the inside was designed by Pam, United Kingdom which underwent caesarean section delivery at home change, followed by the delivery of a successful at home. The class takes a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. The skills being taught are valuable for pregnancy through postpartum and very thorough.

Birth Of the classroom took much more spiritual, transcendent approach than some other options. This class is ideal for women who want to give birth in a hospital or a natural childbirth at home. They are also very valuable for women who plan to have a VBAC because they help women to overcome the trauma and harness the power of their personal.