Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Top 3 Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

The Bradley method, Lamaze and are two of the most popular methods of natural labor. Both of them emphasized that medical intervention is limited and focus on childbirth becomes a natural process. MOM and dad-to-be bond during classes and learn breathing techniques and relaxation so that labor is one that is positive for everyone. Both of these methods calls with the good, and a good selection (and any mothers out there have an opinion if they feel their lucrative classes in personal experience they are born or not!) As first time parents, and as a team, it's up to the two of you to choose the right method for you. As additional help, many pregnant women meditating for their pregnancy and this practice helps greatly in several ways:
1. The Regular practice of meditation offers many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and let go of stress and fatigue. In fact, meditate for half an hour, giving a break more than psychological full night's sleep. For pregnant women, this just has the extra relaxation is not only exciting, but it helps in overall health for himself and his son, who has not yet been born. Many pregnant women suffering from fatigue as the pregnancy progresses, so time to meditate carve can help relieve fatigue and bringing in much needed sleep. (We all know when the baby comes, sleep is precious).

2. In the old tradition of meditation, there are many ways to meditate through different techniques. Some use the power of the voice, the other using symbols visually and some using breathing. All these techniques have a common goal to focus one's mind spinning wheel to a point so that they can lead a person into a State of self realization. For pregnant women, can focus into and away from the discomfort she may experience is key in remaining relaxed and calm. This is especially true during labor while the pain at its peak. The breathing and relaxation techniques learned in Lamaze or Bradley class can sometimes fall to the sidelines when the pain is greatest. Women who have been meditating continuously and consistently throughout their pregnancy are more able to cope with the pain and focus into to understand the mental awareness and finally relax better. They could return their focus on breathing during labor.

3. After a newborn has arrived, new moms and dads find comfort in the continued practice of meditation. Meditation pregnancy tools for moving from a means to relax during a busy first month as they adjust to life with a newborn. Even families who have older brothers can find this same convenience and meditate together as a family. Brothers who welcomed new sister their own inner experience stress in the adjustment and crave attention. Parents can use the meditation with big brother as a time to reconnect and relax together.

So, three key points is all well and good, but what about a family busy realistically find a time and place to meditate and what techniques are best?

The best proven techniques for long-term exercise is repeated mantra-Japa (sounds, words or phrases). If you are new to meditation, you can try other techniques to see what feels right in addition to using spells to help discipline your mind. You can repeat your mantra aloud to say or sing, or whispers, or just mentally. Initially, Soham (so-hum) a great spell for beginners, because it helps keep the mind focused as it is voiced. The Mantra is repeated each time we take a breath-breathe "SO", and discard the "HAM" (it means "I AM THAT". Go beyond the limitations of the mind and body, at one with the Absolute) If your mind wanders to thoughts and things or other distractions, you're just a gentle guide back to Soham ... each practice helps move the mind towards a greater degree of relaxation-some might fall asleep.